About us




4uottro He was born in 2012 from Elisa Scrocchi's creativity and entrepreneurial qualities, who after a decades of experience in the sector chooses to create a line of his own, personally taking care of the style.

Inspired by an elegant but daily femininity, 4uottro embodies the spirit of the Milanese tradition, that of the ateliers and the sartorial care, looking for a "Ideal wardrobe", designed to last over time, beyond fashions and trends.

Precious materials, 100%pure, artisanal processes and accurate tailoring finishes act as a counterpoint to the sobriety of the lines, in the creation of a classic style only apparently, which reveals special and unconventional details. Sophisticated but easily wearable proposals in everyday life, with their own figure, vital and light, at times self -deprecating, where the love for haute couture is never reduced to simple mention.

4uottro interprets a philosophy of dress aimed at different age and forms, united by a personal vision of the style. A proposal outside the approval, nothing pretentious or too desired, only light touches for essential, sophisticated and contemporary creations, always feminine. A fashion with a strong character inspired by real women who work, who live in reality and not only in the fantasy (sometimes perverse) of the style offices.