Inspired by an elegant femininity with an everyday appeal, 4uattro embodies the spirit of Milan's fashion heritage, a world of ateliers and sartorial care.
Artisanal production, a 100% Made in Italy workforce, highly-skilled selection of fine quality fabrics and intense attention to detail form the basis of a refined, bon ton style that is never conventional.
4uattro interprets a philosophy of dressing aimed at women of all ages who share a personal stylistic vision.
Always different, always interesting, nothing pretentious or forced- just light touches for sophisticated garments with essential lines.
Unaffected by the dictates of fashion and trends, 4uattro offers unique garments with a strong personality that season by season will create a "made-to-measure" wardrobe with a timeless appeal.

While offering fresh, new models, themes and colours in every collection, all the garments share an unmistakeable DNA - a classic look with unusual details.
These refined and elegant collections are wonderful everyday wear, too.
The line is completed by a special focus on evening dresses, exquisite creations where the sumptuous fabrics and finishings create stunning contrasts with the sober, essential lines.

Like the world of quality confectionery and the perfume-maker's art, 4uattro means a taste for experimenting, a constant, spirited search for new combinations of shapes, materials and ideas.
A choice of fabrics - brocades, organdies and duchesses - mix in perfect harmony with cotton, linen, Jersey and smooth panno wool.
Garments with a dual soul, where the internal/exterior codes are reinvented - single colour coats, jackets and overcoats with clean lines reveal silk linings, nexpectedly decorated and embroidered.
4uattro is a code all of its own, full of vitality, light and with an occasional touch of gentle self-mockery.
A love for haute couture, never reduced to simple reproduction.

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